Here are some of the commonly asked questions.

1. Why do you think something needs to change?

While we respect the views of our neighbours, the Sandon Parking Improvement Group feel that the time has come for change. Some of the reasons are:

  • Shandon is located in a strange place just next to CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone) S4 and S3 and as a result is under pressure from adjacent neighbourhoods.
  • We are located next to the popular commuter route of the Union Canal resulting in a “Park and Ride” usage of the free parking here for some commuters.
  • We are close to the 35 Airport bus route where people are known to have parked up, unloaded their suitcases and jetted off on holiday for two weeks.
  • Some students at George Watsons will use the free parking available rather than pay for parking nearer the school.

2. What options are being considered?

We, as residents, have not ruled any option in or out. Ultimately it is up to the council to propose the options. However, some ideas currently being thrown around include:

  • Extension of CPZ S4 to cover the area around Harrison Park/Ashley Terrace.
  • A “Mews Parking” scheme covering the Colonies
  • A “Priority Parking” scheme for Ashley Drive/Cowan Road

3. Do restrictions enforced during the day help relieve parking pressure at night?

While pressure on parking can be intense in the evening/overnight, previous experience has shown that even if the restrictions are only enforced during the day, the knock on effects can be felt during non-enforced periods. It prevents people from leaving cars parked for long periods of time for example.

4. How can I help?

There are various ways you can help.

If you think of something that should go here please contact us.