City-wide consultation

April 13, 2019

Apologies for the big gap in any updates but, frankly, there hasn’t been too much “news” while the gears of the system slowly grind away.

After the petition submitted in 2017 (signed by over 300 residents), the council sensibly decided it wanted to take a wider look at parking pressures throughout the city rather than doing this on a piecemeal basis in individual areas. While a joined up policy is likely the best option going forward, it did mean that there was a frustrating lack of progress at the local level.

We can now report that the city wide analysis has now been completed (part 1 and part 2) and is being reported to the council’s Transport and Environment Committee this Thursday (16 May 2019). The analysis shows that Shandon (not surprisingly) is ranked high for pressure and parking controls are recommended so that residents get priority for limited space.

As some readers will be aware, there has been a long history of parking proposals in Shandon without resolution. This time council officers have been asked to build in an opportunity for public feedback on what kind of controls would work best. Local ward councillors Gavin Corbett, David Key and Andrew Johnston and constituency MSP Daniel Johnson have been in discussions about how they collectively keep residents informed and listen to views. During the petition stage, there was a large pro-active campaign to inform residents and gather feedback, so hopefully this can be repeated this time round.

While timescales are not confirmed, we are hopeful that specific options can be drawn up and presented for public consultation around autumn 2019 with collation of responses and final proposals then presented back to the Transport and Environment Committee before the end of the year.

Fingers crossed, we will see agreement on how to address the parking situation in Shandon in the not too distant future. A 2020 vision!