Public Consultation and Feedback

October 16, 2019

As some of you may already know the council’s Transport Committee signed off the final stage of the city-wide parking review in September. Of the 124 areas surveyed Shandon emerged as the third highest pressured area in the whole city (hardly a surprise to those of us who live here). Since pressure is also getting worse, year on year, the status quo is clearly not an option. The independent researchers recommended parking controls for Shandon and a project timeline has been set out to bring that about over the next 18 months (most of that is down to the legal process, which is sadly not something we can avoid).

But detail matters. That is why the review team are now consulting on how proposals should be shaped for Shandon. That’s not about whether action is needed – that’s already been established – but about what needs to happen to make it effective. As of today (16 October) there is a website where you can view the proposals and leave comments (to save time, view the interactive map showing proposed plans for Shandon and Craiglochart) (NB it’s not currently clear to me what “Permit holder bay” entails - this could be a full permit or a more loosly controlled priority parking bay where it’s only permitted for set times in the day - I guess we’ll find out in due course). There will also be a drop-in session at Polwarth Church on Friday 1 November 4-7pm (Facebook event) so that residents can talk to the independent team carrying out the review. The website gives details of 2 other events if you can’t make that one.

A group of local residents has got together to print and deliver a flier to all homes in the area to make doubly-sure that everyone in the area knows what is going on.

Hope to see you there.