Draft Final Traffic Orders Published

October 23, 2021

Back in 2019 there was very well-attended community consultation on draft proposals to improve the worsening parking problem in Shandon, with a view to making safer use of space and giving priority to residents. Unfortunately, the pandemic resulted in delays to the process but we do have, at last, draft final traffic orders published for detailed community feedback.

Looking at the maps, it’s clear that lots of feedback from the community consultation in 2019 has been taken into account, However I suspect not all of the detail is quite right yet and I’d really urge residents to look closely at the parts they know best and feed back specific comments. This may include specific placement of double yellow lines where it’s not needed or a missed opportunity for a parking space. There is still scope to tweak the design before it goes back to Transport Committee in early 2022 for approval. Regardless this is a significant step forward in addressing what has become an increasing blight on our neighbourhood. So, even if you are making suggestions for revisions, I do hope you will take time to say you support change considering the status quo isn’t really an option.

Here’s looking forward to a better parking and pavement situation for Summer ‘22!